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Millions of musicians and artists have seen their performance income disappear literally overnight as our communities strive to combat CV-19. Now, more than ever, we are humbly asking for your support to make it through these times. My love to all whose livelihoods are affected right now. Thank you for your support now and always. May you remain strong, healthy, and positive.

Venmo: @astra-kelly

About Astra

Chicago native, Astra Kelly, is a pure talent with a lyric-based, melodic sound and soaring vocals. Her voice and message are intentional and unfeigned, while her songs replicate otherwise indescribable emotions. She infuses metaphysical and psychological metaphors into her lyrics: mirroring the genuine human experience and all the beautiful grit that goes with it. Her performances are passionate, full of energy and a powerful expression of her art and sound. Eclectic in style and genre, her original music draws from her soulful Chicago roots fused with indie folk and americana and she uniquely pays tribute to other artists. She’s a career artist who has toured the country extensively, performs well over two hundred shows a year and has released eight records on her own label. Influenced by folk, country, and bluegrass, her latest release, “Chasing the Light,” is a journey of transformation from the inside out and connects to a universal heartbeat.

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