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About Astra

Born in Marvel, Arkansas and delivered by Dr. Wise, Astra Kelly had an early interest in music fueled by family jams, school choirs and formal music studies. A prolific guitar player, vocalist and songwriter, she is also a savvy business woman, creative spirit, and pure artist. Kelly has successfully driven her own music career, released six records on her own Rockaway record label, toured the country numerous times, hosted her own radio show, managed recording studios for over 12 years, and the list goes on and on.

Kelly is an exceptional talent with a lyric-based, melodic sound that is a rich fusion of her Chicago roots in funk and blues merged with indie rock, folk/americana and acoustic elements. Classical and jazz trained, her passionate performance style is derived from her days of street performing in the Chicago subways, an undeniable devotion to music, and incessant touring. Her lyrics read like poetry, speaking of emotional transformation and personal freedom. Whether armed with an acoustic guitar or onstage with the full electric band, her delivery is a powerful expression of her art and sound.

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